Flotsam and Jetsam High Era Biography


Eric A.K. - vocals
Jason B. Ward - bass
Ed Carlson - guitar
Mike Gilbert - guitar
Kelly Smith - drums

It's 8:00. A commanding din emerging from the Flotsam and Jetsam jam pad fills the lot. Musicians from neighboring practice spaces cease their tinkering to locate its source. Upon entering the courtyard, the sneak-a-peak audience is annihilated by the over-powering, all-consuming, razor-blade laced ear-candy that can only be described as "Flotsam Magic." There couldn't be a collection of members more diverse able to come together weeks unseen and play with such precision. It seems the connection lies solely within the music, high above any conscious motive. This may explain Flotsam and Jetsam's ability to rise above personal tragedies and record label hell and soar beyond expectations.

With their latest creation, aptly titled High, the band return to their roots. Metal Blade Records, where they recorded their first release, Doomsday for the Deceiver (1986,) brings the boys back home to redefine traditional metal. While the music of High bears an edge that could rival any thunder-boasting recording, it holds the refinement of evolution through five previous albums: Doomsday... (Metal Blade-1986,) No Place for Disgrace (Elektra-1988,) When the Storm Comes Down (MCA-1990,) Cuatro (MCA-1992,) and Drift (MCA-1995.) Superior bass riffs provided by Jason B. Ward and the precision drumming of Kelly Smith supply a powerful foundation. Exceptional guitar work by Ed Carlson and Mike Gilbert far exceeds any prior recording. In songs like "Lucky Day" and "Monster," Carlson masterfully explores new realms. Vocalist Eric A.K. also reaches new heights with the help of Eric (long-time "sixth member") Braverman's knowing lyrics. Never before has he attained such rich tones, allowing a full-bodied finish to each song. Recorded at Vintage Records in Phoenix, AZ, with the help of master control man Bill Metoyer, High hits so close to home it presents itself as a quintessential part of 90's music.

Despite the recent departure of Kelly Smith, who has moved on to pursue other talents, Flotsam and Jetsam advance, stride unbroken and stronger than ever. They've toughened attitudes and convictions. Their message this time is simple; get heavy, get hard, get high.