Eric A.K. - vocals

Jason B. Ward - bass

Ed Carlson - guitar

Mark Simpson - guitar

Craig Neilsen - drums



Flotsam and Jetsam are definitely not your fathers metal. Though it is true that they have been credited with helping start the very scene that has spawned a worldwide not-so-Secret Metal Society that just wont go away. The kind of people that eat, breathe, and live that stirs those most primitive of urges.

And now, just when the planet needs it most, they have made their 8th record, "My God", that seals their rightful place among the top of the current "Old School" survivors. Pummeling, classic metal guitars and vocals combined with sincere modern flavor makes this a uniquely textured Flotsam record by any standard. The focus was to write with the overflowing inspiration the band felt having gotten through the tough part of a management change. You know the story. But this story has a very heavy ending, or rather a new beginning.

For those who need a refresher course, Flotsam and Jetsam exploded onto the brand new Thrash scene in 1986 with the legendary "Doomsday For the Deceiver", the record that propelled original bass player Jason Newstead to international superstardom as a member of Metallica. Not to be outdone, Flotsam then followed up with what some consider to be the most important thrash record of all time, "No Place For Disgrace". Then it was onward and upward to MCA records for 3 albums that allowed the band to grow musically while never losing the integrity their fans had come to expect.

After their contract was up at MCA, the first and most welcome home for the band, Metal Blade Records, invited Flotsam and Jetsam to rejoin their roster and help carry the banner of true metal tradition proudly through the dark days of the rise of "Nu Metal". The records "High", and "Unnatural Selection" settled the nerves of those fans that wondered what direction the band might in this new landscape. Now, "My God", produced by the illustrious Bill Metoyer, is already being hailed as the best, heaviest effort of the band in years.

Listen for yourself, make sure it is loud, and celebrate Metal The Uniter, Not The Divider!!!