Flotsam and Jetsam Thanks List

Credit where credit is due...

--Kimberly Marshall for all of her love and inspiration.  You truly are an island of tranquility in this sea of madness. I love you!

--The band for their massive amounts of help. Especially Jason Ward and Mark Simpson for keeping the news coming. Ed Carlsen, Eric A.K., Craig Neilsen Eric Braverman for their kind words. Much thanks also to Jason Ward for treating me like a V.I.P. at the show in Spartanburg.

--Staci McBride for trying to give the fan club a kick in the ass and providing news updates.  Also for sending the pics.

--The bands' former(?) managing assistant Judith Venesky for providing the prizes for the contests last year as well as the swag and for continually keeping me up-to-date on any Flots happenings.

--Ken Randisi for his large amounts of help and insight.

--Metal Blade Records for their help with pics.

--The late Sheila Rene for sending me the interviews. May she rest in peace.

--Robert J. Tuozzo (BESTSHOT98@aol.com) for the concert pics from the Judas Priest show in Phoenix, AZ.

--James Simpson (jsimpson@atlas.faytech.cc.nc.us) for the concert pics from Wilmington, NC.

--Seb (sowhat@globetrotter.net) for the info on the Flotzilla 12".

--Keith "The Bastard" Zalinger and The Koffin E-Zine for the use of their interview.

--Matt Barber of The Mining Company for the use of his inteview.

--Nathan Robinson (Mullin.engineering@misi.net) for the lyrics to "Surgery" and "Mr. Riduculous" and info on the track "News to Me."

--Damien Dougan for his review of "High."

--Chad Shepherd (fscqs@aurora.alaska.edu) for his review of "High."

--Ken Churchill and Steve Thorne for encoding the video clips.

--Jason Stevens (flotzilla@webtv.net) for the tab contributions.

--Geoff Waye at Metal Rules!! (www.metal-rules.com) for the use of his their interview.

--Metal Update (www.metalupdate.com) for the use of their interview.

-- Eric Stevens (natasatan@webtv.net) for sendint the URL of the "Forkboy" tab.

--Randy Paras (Butfunk500@aol.com) for transcribing the lyrics for "Date WIth Hate."

--Nikolas Krofta (nikolasek@gmx.de) for the information on the "The Master Sleeps" promo.

--John Forgach from SLUG Magazine for his review of Unnatural Selection.

--Atilla AKIN (atilla@holyarts.com) for sending his original graphics.

- Metal Reviews for the use of the My God review.

Thanks but no thanks, and huge amounts of hatred to:

-- MTV for their total lack of support for real music.

-- MCA Records for the screwjob they did to the Flots guys.

This web page is dedicated to the loving memory of Sallie L. Briscoe (3/26/1918-2/22/2001), may she rest in peace.