Hey Mark!
Hey Mark how's it going?
I was just wondering if you wrote an instrumental for The Cold? and if you did how long is it?
Keep up the great work.

Rich CT
Posted by redfly on December 9, 2009 02:39,
No instrumentals on this one actually. I'm not really an instrumental kind of guy, the stuff on My God and the last one just came out of nowhere really. Still waiting to hear about mixdown but I'm pretty sure it is still scheduled for after the 18th. Thanks man!
Posted by Mark on December 9, 2009 22:41,
Really I'm surprised to hear that you aren't that into them,the instrumental on "My God" and "Dreams" are so cool they must have been inspired because they have an awesome flow to them.But that's cool you sure don't want to force it! I'm sure there is more than enough music to go around.
How do you guys go about picking a producer?
Ever thought about someone like James Murphy?
Anyway thanks for the info Mark have a great Xmas!
Rich Ct
Posted by Redfly on December 10, 2009 06:03,

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