Craigs Departure
okay, lets see if I can explain the whole Craig situation. First of all, accepted or not, I really need to appoligise to Craig and all the confused fans, and the Flots family. My handling of this whole situation, was not very profesional, not to mention unfair to Craig. He has been a big part of why Flots is even still playing and recording. Even though no one asked him to, he has done a great job at keeping us in the public eye and keeping the money end of things honest. Alittle on the small time side of things, but very honest. Craig is a really good drummer, and any band would be lucky to have him on their team. The desision to bring Kelly back, was one of nostalgia more than anything else. I would never replace Craig with anyone else but the original dude. and honestly not many people could replace Craig. I have the feeling that Flots has one , maybe two recordings left before people just quit buying all together. I was hoping that an all original line-up would boost the industry interest a little. The need and demand for Flots was deminishing fast and I didn't just want to peter-out. I would rather go out with something different and yet very familiar, something that got us to this point to begin with. I really don't know if this desision is the right thing to do or not, but so far it feels right. As far as Craig is concerned, it is my own fear of confrontation that has Craig feeling a little put out, and rightfully so. He has always been a good drummer , a good freind, and a decent buisness guy. Hopefully some day he can forgive the way I have handled things, and we can once again be friends. I am definately not the worlds best diplomat, or even politically correct, but then again that's not my job,... I sing
Posted by AK on September 23, 2011 18:57,
Thanks a lot Eric. A lot of people on this board were waiting for some sort of explanation from you. Replacing a bandmember is never a win-win situation, I do understand that. The least you guys can do now is make it a fuckin succes. F&J; absolutely deserves it, for that I'm sure!

Craig, you're the man and thank you for al the hard work and you're killing drumwork. You are forever in our hearts, Flotz for life....
Posted by Mucky on September 23, 2011 19:17,
What Mucky said. Thanks to AK for clearing the air and taking the time to explain. And Craig, thanks for all the kick-ass music with these guys!

Flotz For Life!
Flotz 'Til Death!
Posted by Iceberg on September 23, 2011 19:32,
Thank you AK!
I sometimes forget that even a front man can be soft spoken and not really like confrontation as I myself don't.And I certainly understand wanting to get the boys back together.You are in good company these days it seems like all the bands I love are in that direction and so far it has been with really good results.
Of course I'm not where any of you are but it seems like flotsam has had some really great albums lately and The Cold was tremendous.I still think if you got on Nuclear and where able to tour Flotsam would be in good shape.After you are Thrash fucking royalty only one time in history can the first Thrash bands come out and Flotsam was there.Don't give up!!!
Craig you know I think you rule!! and always will I can't wait to support your next project!
Rich CT
Posted by Redfly on September 23, 2011 20:05,
Thanks Eric. I know confrontation with friends sucks balls. I do appreciate it.
Posted by Craig on September 24, 2011 00:33,
One comment, not out of defence but to shed light. Redfly, when Jason Newsted himself goes on live tv and in front of Metallica and all the world wstching gives us first oroos...over Metallica...does this permanantly end the notion we need to get our name out again?? When your album wins multiple first place awards and makes it for the first time on official charts, when even Doomsday didnt, is this a small time thing? We were offered Wacken this year for the first time ever...on a main stage...for tens of thousands of people...NOT small time. We chose to tour as headliners by choice, to make all the $. We could have opened for many tours but couldnt because of the money issue. So we chose to be small time as a band to afford to continue.
Posted by Craig on September 24, 2011 00:52,
Meant to say first props over Metallica.
Posted by Craig on September 24, 2011 00:53,
I just want to say thank you for your years of service and dedication!! You (along with the whole FLOTSAM camp) have always treated me like a friend and not just a "fan". I appreciate every thing you guys have done for me,(merch,picks,sticks,vip guest list,hanging on the bus etc.) I know you guys didn't have to do that.
Again Thank you, you are a kick ass drummer and made some great records with flotsam. I loved F&J;'s music for 20 years now and will continue till I die.And I will support any project you are involved in(ALIEN BLAKK)!!
Scott in CT
Posted by Scott on September 24, 2011 01:57,
I don't know Craig I just get scared when people say things like the need and demand for Flotz is diminishing fast.Because to me Flotz is as relevant as ever.I don't want Flotz to ever stop there is no replacement, the band is one of a kind and the only thing I can think of is not enough exposure because you are a world class band and should be huge.
Sorry I didn't mean to belittle what the band had been doing.
Rich CT
Posted by Redfly on September 24, 2011 06:44,
I agree with Redfly here. The only thing I can think of is a lack of exposure. For example, I have a friend who is into metal like me. He didn't know Flotz had a new album. I told him about it, and now he is in love with it. Same with my brother. Another friend went to see Death Angel in Portland, and ended up speaking with Mark and Rob. My friend was going on and on about how the "the Cold" was the best metal album this year, and neither Mark and Rob knew it was out. [As an aside, I can just imagine how funny that conversation was, as DA had their own album out].

Also, make no mistake about the need and desire for Flotsam. Another friend and I flew out to see Flots for the last two shows. Sure, not everybody can afford to do this, but such is the desire to see Flots live.
Posted by Trouble22 on September 24, 2011 16:44,
I totally 100% respect every thought you have on the band, Rich, you have earned that for sure. I do get a little defensive of what to me seems like an obvious case of, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him buy records.
Posted by Craig on September 24, 2011 17:33,
Among the uncertanties presented above, one thing is for sure..there is a hell of alot of love for this band, myself included. It is refreshing to read such honest words and feelings, you can tell AK is passionate about what was on his mind. -A fan since the beginning.
Posted by Sean on September 24, 2011 18:13,
Glad that Eric cleared up what was going on. I have to agree with him on the whole industry drying up. It sucks to put all that time into something and no one wants to buy it. They would rather steal it. If the industry would
step back away from the mess they made and look at it from the consumer's point of view, then they might understand why people don't buy music. They have been ripping people off for years. Not just the consumer but the band themselves. Like when Rat Skates said that he made more money selling Overkill's demos than from the record company. That's how fucked that is. You make music and they sell it and give you 10% at best. That is so wrong. Should be the other way around.
Posted by Martin on September 30, 2011 03:44,

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