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Posted by keldo on September 24, 2011 19:36,

I've registered on this site etc., but I can't determine how to make a pledge. Am I missing something? Is your project not open to pledges yet? Am I just being impatient in navigating the site? Sorry if this was covered in a earlier post.

BTW: "No Future" is so "Drift"-sounding. Absolutely could not have been on any other Flots disc. What a great song.
Posted by Trouble22 on September 24, 2011 20:20,
The project itself is nearly ready to launch. Once completed sometime in the next week or so people will be able to start pledging. We are finishing up the content portion. Stay tuned we are very excited about it. It will be a new adventure for you and us. This to me is the future for bands.
Posted by Keldo on September 24, 2011 21:26,
Hey Kelly, I know you're busy frying other fish right now too, but any chance you might consider making Heaven And How To Get There available for DL on Pledge as well? The copy I have has some weird computer bleeps in it...not sure if I did something wrong?
Posted by Iceberg on September 25, 2011 20:31,
Hahaha.holy shit! my copy has that as well,and some other songs.But I've had them for like five years lol
Posted by Redfly on September 26, 2011 10:04,
That is probably from me transferring it over DOH!
More stuff will be coming in the near future thanks
Posted by Keldo on September 26, 2011 17:44,
are the current songs with bleeps fixed now, or are they still there???? as all mine have the bleeps also.......... no bleeps.... no bleeos no pleebs
Posted by Arctikdeth on November 5, 2011 21:47,

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