October Lyric Challenge!
I just thought it would be fun to Post some Lyrics, stanza's, pieces or parts etc... See how evil we can get for the most awesome month of the year!

Hopefully a message board full of Flotsam fans can come up with some Killer rhymes... no pressure of course, just a little exercise in the name of creativity and possibly demented fun. ;) (Hopefully there will be more than one post)

There's no one left to compete
 -Upon this fucked up earth
I'm your Master you are my sheep
 -So keep on giving birth
Sacrifice your babies to me
 -Still short with all their worth
By now you know that life isn't free 
 -You always pay me first
I own the ox y gen that you breathe
 -And each breath is your curse
Head down up on your knees 
 -Recite this viral verse
I control your mind and body 
 -Don't bitch it does get worse
Now let's just crank up the heat
 -It's for me that you thirst.
Posted by celphelp on October 2, 2011 02:29,
good idea! waiting for a moment of creativity... :)
Posted by Webmaster on October 3, 2011 11:53,
I'm like Jason Voorhees & Freddy Krueger combined
I send the Flotsam & Jetsam cursing through your mind
Distorting your reality while slicing through your spine
Stitch you back together so I can do it one more time

I am the demon terrorizing all your dreams
I'm your mind master and I'm ripping at your strings
And all those voices in your head are chanting to my beat
While all your dancing silhouettes drip with self deceit

So shove that shiney needle deep inside your vein
Inject me in all the way so I can kill your pain
I'm in your heart in your brain your mine from head to toe
I'm shutting down your systems.and swallowing your soul.
Posted by Celphelp on October 4, 2011 23:36,
I am the winged one who haunts your dreams
i am the winged one who makes you scream
there is no place to run, as I shape your soul
you can not hide from my sinister mind

I am the one who betrays your trust, I am the one who turns life to rust, you can not can not fight, I will be there right by your side

you are me, I am you, I am Lucifer

I will twist your mind
i will be there as you kill
i control your very thoughts
its pleasure you will find

just a few lines from the back of my mind, have tons more, but to lazy to write this shit down. oh well, Happy New Year to the fellow Pagans
Posted by Rusty S. on October 14, 2011 21:02,

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