My God Reviews

It is funny to see how the name of this band is well known and in the same time, nobody really knows who they are. Metallica, one of the most important bands of all time for thrash metal, have gained all the spotlights from metal media and, as usual in music business, fantastic bands like Annihilator, Testament, Forbidden or Flotsam and Jetsam were forgotten.

As for the technical thrash metal branch, Flotsam and Jetsam proved at that time to be one of the best (that was back in 1986 with Doomsday For The Deceiver). So it is no real surprise that Flotsam & Jetsam is in fact the ex-band of Jason Newstead, ex-Metallica now ... pfouuu, that was difficult to write ex-Metallica. Anyway, let's go back to Flotsam and Jetsam.

This thrashy band is back with My God. As said above, this band has been so far an underrated band and I am not sure this record will change things. Heavy, thrashy, sometime aggressive and also atmospheric, this My God is quite good. Yes, I said 'quite', because there are no boring moments, but on the other hand there is no killer songs, no unforgettable chorus, no head banging riff. Nicely produced ... but also nicely filled with typical thrash songs (that we know by heart since more than ten years now). Not boring .... but definitively too typical.

Die-hard fans of the band can buy this one blindly. If you don't know them and you like Metallica, Megadeth or Annihilator, you should try this band and their new record. Other wise, wrong way.

Killing Songs :
Dig Me Up To Bury Me, Keep Breathing

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