New Flotz Shows
i think theres 2 coming up in AZ and one in germany april 4th.any info?
Posted by joe on December 18, 2009 09:18,
I know of one in AZ, which is a Memorial concert for our friend and amazing sound-guy Nino. There is no confirmed date yet but should be sometime in January. This will not be a typical Flots show as A.K and I are the only ones who live here in AZ now. It will probably be a hodgepodge of Flots members(Past/Present)and friends. Not sure yet but am looking forward to it and I know Nino would love it. Sacred Reich will be there too, which is AWESOME! :)
The other date is part of a tour we are working on right now for April 1st-12Th in Europe which includes Holland,Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Belgium,Turkey and Greece.
Too early to post any dates right now as we like to wait a couple of days before we leave to do that. :) Also there is the Gates of Metal show on May 21-22 with us,Helstar, and bunch of other crazy fuckers.
Still no update on the record yet. I know it's beyond ridiculous at this point but it's kinda funny, in a getting stabbed kind-of way. Should be starting the mix soon though. I'll let ya know! Meanwhile, Here is the album cover for ya.
Posted by Mark on December 19, 2009 01:40,
Aha! nice Mark! cool cover! thanks for the dates.
Have an awesome XMAS! Stupid record company shits don't know what they got!

Rich CT
Posted by Redfly on December 19, 2009 03:37,
Well well!! Looks like everything's shaping up. Hopefully The Cold will be out sooner than later.

Looking at the cover makes me thing it's almost here at last!!!


BTW Thanks Mark for the cover!!!
Posted by Alex on December 19, 2009 19:14,
Awesome cover! Totally stoked for the album!
Posted by Iceberg on December 19, 2009 23:30,
Love the cover! Can't wait! Happy Holidays boys!

Posted by Dt on December 20, 2009 15:03,
I concur with everyone else, amazing cover! Travis Smith always does great work, and seeing the cover actually makes it seem real! Hopefully things will start running more smoothly for you guys real soon!
Posted by Johnsonmaster on December 22, 2009 03:51,
Is there any concept involved in the cover art or the album?
Posted by Alex on December 22, 2009 05:39,
What an awesome cover can't wait for the music to go with it!!!! Where did Ed move? Did he relocate recently? Will Mike and Kelley be Filling in at the benefit.. Have a metal christmas guys
Scott in Ct
Alex I'm still working on the live cd from holland sorry its taken so long!!!
Posted by Scott on December 22, 2009 12:52,
Fuck yes, Flotsam (Partially I guess) and most importantly Sacred Reich? Pinch me, Im dreamin...
Posted by Craig on December 23, 2009 16:51,
I hope the cover is set by the tone of the music.....looks great!!!!
Posted by Bolivershagnasty on December 24, 2009 20:14,
I just saw the dates of the upcoming EU tour.
I'm gonna miss this one.
Cause i'm still in afganistan by then.

So have fun, I'll check the pics and youtube from here;)
Posted by Winston on February 2, 2010 22:10, website

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