To all of the Flots family here and there, near and far, old and new. I hope your holidays are filled with new hope, memories to remember forever. Happiness and joy. We are all having hard times in this wonderful economy. So its back to the root of Christmas which is being of service to others and giving just because you can. Time is a good gift, listening, a hug, help someone move, give them a ride somewhere, say hello with a smile.
Remember everyone is suffering with finances so give them something to make them feel less unfortunate, a smile. Hey Steve McQueen did ya catch that? So bash me for being sentimental but in times like this everyone needs a hand....

Have a great holiday, y'all
Posted by keldo on December 22, 2009 18:56, website
Hey Kelly Good advice!
Thanx,I hope you and yours have an awesome Christmas!
And all the Flotz heads!
Posted by Redfly on December 23, 2009 00:08,
Merry Christmas Kelly! And that goes for all of the rest of you too!
Posted by Iceberg on December 23, 2009 02:33,
Merry Christmas
Are you and Mike going to be at the benefit show in january? Will you guys play some old school Flotz?
Posted by Scott on December 23, 2009 13:47,
Ah well I have not been informed of the date and I have not been invited to that. Couldn't say.

I was asked to be a part of the DANAFEST but I am waiting for Gloria to contact Newsted as she asked for all original. If says no I will still want to do it with Ward
Posted by Keldo on December 23, 2009 18:09, website
what is the DANAFEST?
Posted by Redfly on December 23, 2009 21:41,
Festival for Dana who was Gloria's son.
Posted by Keldo on December 23, 2009 22:41,
Hey Kelly, You and Mike wanna play a benefit show in January? ;)
Posted by Mark on December 24, 2009 02:12,
Nice! wheels in motion!!
Posted by Redfly on December 24, 2009 05:01,
Hi Kelly!
Thanks for your wishes and your everlasting support for Flotsam!
Wishing you and yours MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year, and to all Flotsam Fans all over the world!!

Keep Flotzin'!
Posted by Webmaster on December 24, 2009 11:45,
Merry Christmas all!!!!!

Stay Metal!


San Antonio
Posted by Bolivershagnasty on December 24, 2009 20:07,

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