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I know this thread may be a bit cliche ...but I enjoy finding out the different music people listen to daily (along with the Great Flotz)!

As of late for me........

Faith no More .... Albumn of the Year
Posted by bolivershagnasty on January 3, 2010 00:08,
An '80s New Jersey punk/metal band called The Beast...little hard to find their stuff, 'cos they never actually recorded a full album, but they're pretty awesome!
Posted by Iceberg on January 3, 2010 03:59,
Been listening to some old school RATT, ie. Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy. Warren DeMartini's solos are very addictive.
Posted by Metal Man on January 3, 2010 15:25,
I really like PRO-PAIN,KREATOR,MACHINE HEAD,KILGORE,DEATH,SEPULTURA,FEAR FACTORY,GRIP INC.,and just a smidgin of JUDAS PRIEST. These bands are great and all and really are different from F & J. Hell, some of them no longer exist.If anyone has not heard any of this stuff, go ahead and give a listen. You will not be disappionted. BUT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU NOTHING IS COOLER THAN F & J. EXCEPT OF COARSE NEW F & J. Thanx guys. Please dont stop at 10. One of your biggest fans right here in phoenix. Eric D.
Posted by E. on January 3, 2010 21:32,
Cool this kind of thread disappeared from the Testament forum after a very long run.
I have been listening to Megadeths Endgame and that's about it.I am waiting for the new Overkill and that should be out this month and of course waiting for Flotsam.
Posted by Redfly on January 3, 2010 23:26,
Pelican --- City of Echoes
Posted by Bolivershagnasty on January 4, 2010 02:06,
OSI - Blood
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Gnarles Barkley - St. Elsewhere

None of these are metal of course, but all are very good. Nice to see another Grip Inc. fan out there. Solidify was their best effort....very worthwhile pickup.
Posted by Flotzinnashville on January 4, 2010 18:48,
Flotsam and Jetsam - Once in a Deathtime
Posted by Alex on January 4, 2010 21:50,
Lamb Of God-Wrath
Posted by Redfly on January 5, 2010 08:08,
Dream Theater - Black clouds and Silver Linings
Megadeth - Endgame
Slayer - World Painted Blood
Voivod - Infini
Circle II Circle - Delusions of Grandeur

Seems I've been spinning these the most recently.
Posted by Nanoman on January 5, 2010 13:56,
Megadeth - Killing is my business...And usiness is good!
Anthrax - Among the Living
Destruction - Best Of
Metal Church - The Dark
Flotsam and Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace
Metallica - Ride The Lightning
Posted by Alex on January 5, 2010 17:43,
DEATH ANGEL killing season
Posted by Mj777 on January 5, 2010 18:42,
I Mother Earth-Dig
Posted by Redfly on January 7, 2010 00:35,
No metal lately for me. Still great stuff.

Them Crooked Vultures - Self Titled
The New Regime - COUP
Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot
Nine Inch Nails- The Slip

Posted by Dt on January 7, 2010 03:54,
Blotted Science-The Machinations of Dementia
Dream Theater- Falling to Infinity
Solitude Aeturnus- Alone
Trouble-Simple Mind Condition
Posted by Bolivershagnasty on January 8, 2010 02:32,
Gojira - the way of all flesh
Despised Icon - day of mourning
Mastodon - Crack the skyes

and two really good Finnish band:

Sotajumala - Teloitus
Mokoma - Kuoleman laulukunnaat
Mokoma - Tämän maailman ruhtinaan hovi
Posted by Tervahepo on January 8, 2010 09:30,
strapping young lad,mix cd
Posted by Redfly on January 10, 2010 21:57,
live MEXICO DVD from METALLICA. Sounds good. Trapped under Ice, Ht the lights, Ride the lightning, fight fire with fire, blackened, dyers eve... beside of Hetfield voice, well played!
Posted by Mj777 on January 11, 2010 20:32,
Gojira-From mars to sirius
Muse-The Resistance
John Arch-Twist of fate
and multiple Nevermore cds in constant rotation.
Posted by Mark on January 11, 2010 23:00,
Flotsam and Jetsam
Posted by Redfly on January 12, 2010 07:09,
Anything but da gangsta rap. Mostly....Flotsam, System, Slipknot, in the metal vain...Sting, James Blunt, Sara Mclaughlin....R&B; vain....Rascal Flatts, Josh Turner...Country vain.

Got the kit set up next to my sons and hoping to do some wood chipping at the Nino and Dana(RIP) fest this year. Recording some trax next week with a cat I just met so we will see how far the rabbit hole goes..take the blue pill
Posted by Keldo on January 14, 2010 05:01,
Hey cool let us know how it goes!
Posted by Redfly on January 14, 2010 18:11,