Come To Allentown Pa.
When the new tour starts, please find it in your hearts to come to Allentown PA. Have always been a fan. Saw you a couple years back in a shithole in Randolph NJ. By the time you played, all but about 50 people left that armpit of a club(Obsessions), and I could tell you guys were pissed, but played a great set anyway. Allentown has a nice club called Crocodile Rock Cafe that many great thrash bands have played. The East Coast has long had a great heavy metal fan base, but the shitty radio stations never play anything good, and quite frankly, the entire Lehigh Valley needs to be Flotzed! Please consider this open invitation to come here and kick us all square in the pants!
Posted by Darren Holva on January 23, 2010 10:36,
Man I am so sure about that!!! Billy Joel says they are closing all the factories down!

Hope they make it my friend!!

Flotz 'til the head is dead!
Posted by Bolivershagnasty on January 29, 2010 04:00,

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