Michael Gilbert?
Does anybody know what he's up to nowadays?I know he filled in a couple of shows for ed,but i was curious as to if he's still playing otherwise!!!ANYBODY?
Posted by neptune on January 25, 2010 20:34,
Check this out:
Posted by Webmaster on January 27, 2010 11:01,
Cool,to bad they don't have anything we can hear.
How do they have Metallica as an influence and not Flotsam!!
Posted by Redfly on January 27, 2010 22:58,
I thought a couple of months ago on this site someone posted that link, and there were some samples?Thanks RICH IN CT.WHERE'S THAT DAMN SOUND CARD!!!HA!HA!.
Posted by Neptune on January 27, 2010 23:29,
Mike's also got a personal site at
Posted by Iceberg on January 27, 2010 23:50,

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