Anyone Remember Metal Mondays At Clancy's?
I was in Phx. over the holidays and was remembering "the good old days" @ Clancy's, Hammerheads, Rockers,etc.

One time in Clancy's, girlfriend and I were the only ones there on Metal Monday and Flotsam was playing. We cheered them on like they were already famous. The music was good and it was fun. I remember when a mag interviewed them and asked them what their best memory was and they recalled that night at Clancy's and me and my friend cheering them on. What a rush for us!

Hmmm, just growing old I think and wondering if anyone else can remember back that far!

Always keep rockin'! It'll keep you young~
Posted by Toni on March 6, 2010 17:22,
Good story I wish I was there to cheer with you!
Posted by Redfly on March 7, 2010 03:56,

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