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This is the site that will be used for the fans to help get our new record going. Check it out pass it on and lets get excited.
Posted by Keldo on September 16, 2011 00:46,
just signed up, its easy ya'll. DO IT NOWWWWW!!!!!!!
Posted by Scott on September 16, 2011 02:39,
Do I have to be a member of facebook or Twitter?Was the contract with Driven a one album deal?Are you not going to look at NuclearBlast?What happens if you don't get enough money?how long could it go on for?Will this be real disc or a download? Who's going to master and mix?
I know,sorry! that's a lot of questions.But I have never heard of this.

...hi Kelly!
p.s. that is cool that you would own the music!
Posted by Redfly on September 16, 2011 07:42,
How about re-recording some Flotsam classics for a bonus disc. NPFD / WTSCD songs would be nice and some from the first demo ("beast within" is so awesome).
Posted by Mj777 on September 16, 2011 09:32,
Pledge is a company for the artist supported by you.
This will allow you and the band to interact more.
I was not here to see what actually happened with the other labels outside of Metal Blade. I just know that we are tired of making records and not money. We want both.
The more we make the better our chances of seeing you out there on the road. The longer we get to make records. If you are not a member of a band it makes it hard to see how the industry works, the artist is at a huge disadvantage.
Pledge to me give it back to us. It is just coming online, we are just starting the writing process as well. I will update you all as we go through this process.

Redfly - I believe all your questions are valid. No you don't have to be a member of facebook or twitter. If you want to help out sign up with Pledge. We will still be posting here, my space, facebook, and twitter. When we release it will be everywhere online and with packaging.
Stay tuned....
Posted by Keldo on September 17, 2011 05:46,
Sweet Kelly I'm in!
Posted by Redfly on September 17, 2011 18:37,
...I just didn't want to be a member of titter(teehee) or facebleh.
Posted by Redfly on September 17, 2011 18:39,
Totally agree with you, Redfly!!
Posted by Thomas on September 17, 2011 21:09,
Hey Kelly, if you don't mind me asking, how are you guys approaching the writing this time around? If I'm not mistaken, Jason wrote the bulk of the music for Cuatro, Drift and he taking the lead again, or...?
Posted by Iceberg on September 21, 2011 01:10,
HMM - Not sure if that is correct. Mike Gilbert has always been the one who writes the most. Of those records there was a lot more involvement from all members. High was mostly Ed and Ward due to Mike and I pulling back from things at that time.

There is not way to really tell how things will fall. As the name implies Flotsam we float into the direction its supposed to go. Currently the 3 of us who are local will be working on the bulk of things with Ed and Ward sending their input and lyrics. There is a new vibe happening. We have former back end entities moving into the picture to rekindle things. There is sort of energy building within the camp. I feel very positive about it all more so than I have ever felt before. I will be keeping everyone up to date as we go along and of course on the pledge records site.
Posted by Keldo on September 21, 2011 01:35,
hmm back end?? EB???? N. KEarnon ?? Im stoked for you guys, and that there is a great vibe!!! man i'm excited!!!
Posted by Scott on September 21, 2011 02:27,
Nope it is not EB
Posted by Keldo on September 21, 2011 02:48,
I didnt really think so.
Posted by Scott on September 21, 2011 15:33,
Kelly, I've been listening to you drum since the 'Demo' days. I can't believe you are not given the credit you deserve from other musicians. Your drumming on both "Cuatro" and "Drift" are beyond phenominal. I was in a studio a few years back, making a demo and we(the band I was in) constantly A-B'd to "Drift" during the mixing process. The engineer thought that your performance on the album was a drum machine. I had to convince him that it was real.
Posted by Screamingking on September 21, 2011 22:19, website
Yeah I agree with you and I think his work on Deceiver was just an all out attack the same for Disgrace.That was one of the really stand out things for me in Flotsam, another thing that set them apart,He really has a personality with those drums.
Posted by Redfly on September 22, 2011 03:15,
Thanks - here is a little info you may not know.
5 days prior to the start of Doomsday I had 15 stitches in my right arm. Recorded the record in 2 days.
No place was a week and was feeling sick.

Cuatro I broke both my elbows the day pre-production started. They flew Gar Samuelson in to try to fill my role on the record. I was playing with broken elbows in 10 days and sent him home.

Drift was the first record that I used any kind of click track and that was for only 4 songs: Destructive, Empty Air, Smoked out, Poets tell.

I am old school. I am not into Pro Tools (Metallica since the Black Album)or much into using triggers live or in the studio. Drumming is an art and part of the art is dynamics and feel. Click tracks can take away the feel triggers and Pro Tools take away a lot of the dynamics. Cuatro and Drift I was talked into using a very low level sample of my own snare to even out the sound. I didn't agree but you have to do whats best for the sound.
Posted by Keldo on September 22, 2011 20:13,
The next record I will be doing my best to up hold the standard. Just like tits Fake ones look good but when you see them live ain't always that good. Fell funny and usually don't match the insides of the person wearing them.
Usually to compensate for lack of ability.
Posted by Keldo on September 22, 2011 20:16,
Wow that is unreal! I can't believe that played at all much less delivered such awesome tools sucks anything that isn't organic sucks.Metal is for real musicians not programs.How the hell did you break both elbows?was Gar cool?
Posted by Redfly on September 22, 2011 21:37,
Is it Bill Metoyer?
Posted by Redfly on September 22, 2011 21:43,
Heya Kelly, does any of the pre-production stuff from Cuatro still exist, any demos or anything like that?
Posted by Iceberg on September 23, 2011 01:14,
I wouldn't imagine it would be Eric Braverman. I met him just one time (Cuatro Tour - Detroit) and found him to be a douchebag. Always thought that "Smoked Out" was about him. Having said this, if he had anything to do with some of the more arcane lyrics back in the day, I'll give him some props.
Posted by Trouble22 on September 23, 2011 02:19,
I just signed up, thanks for the link Kelly!
Posted by Hellrazor on September 23, 2011 06:25,
Redfly - I broke both arms falling forward on drywall stilts. Impact fractures.
Gar was a good guy and one of my idols. He was an amazing drummer. On our first tour with them I would just watch in awe of his playing. He was a fusion style drummer who did a lot of crossover sticking. A shame he is no longer with us.
Yea a lot of people use protools out there for drums, the problem is they make it so hard to play they can't pull it off live.

Iceberg - I have converted a lot of the Drift "Kernon" mixes into mp3 from DAT. Not sure what we are going to do with that yet.

Trouble 22 - A lot of people seem to have that opinion of him. Smoked out was not about him he was with us during that record. He wrote amazing lyrics. He is very talented in wordsmith. He used to help Newsted back in the day that is how he got into our camp. We all have our faults, no one pleases everyone all the time. I have been a douchebag many times. We are in the image and likeness of our creator.We aren't a creator
Posted by Keldo on September 23, 2011 18:22,
Jeez! holy crap man I can't even imagine what that feels like! I give you all the props in the world for coming back so quickly and doing such a great job.
Gar was amazing.Like you he really had a fire and made a good deal of Megadeths sound for me and helped set them apart from others.He is still my favorite Deth drummer.
Posted by Redfly on September 23, 2011 19:51,
Cool. Were the Kearnon mixes the ones with all the extra keys and stuff?
Posted by Iceberg on September 25, 2011 20:34,
Yuppers they were
Posted by Keldo on September 26, 2011 17:41,
And for the new album, am I right in understanding that it will be available only as a download?
Posted by Iceberg on September 27, 2011 23:47,
God I hope not!! digital won't sit next to my other Flotsam cds in my bitchin metal collection lol
Posted by Redfly on September 28, 2011 03:10,
Nope - it will be available either way. There will be options to choose from once we are set to go.
Posted by Keldo on September 28, 2011 07:46,
I'm so, so happy Gar Samuelson didn't do the drums on Cuatro. It's my fave Flots CD and Kel, I like your vibe lots better. It's energetic, true and solid.

It's a bit sad to see Craig's out on a bad note, but this line-up is the real and best Flotsam & Jetsam if you ask me. I'm very excited about what you come up with next...
Posted by Andreas on October 12, 2011 14:56,

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